Editor’s note: In response to school closures due to coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, we’ve published 16 Graduation Ideas for When Schools Are Closed, which includes clever and heartfelt ways to celebrate graduates from kindergarten through high school.

Parent groups are often asked to help celebrate kindergarten graduation or another graduating class from an elementary school. Some schools go all out with diploma ceremonies akin to high school graduations, while others keep it simple and offer the students a small gift. Here are some great ideas from our Facebook community on elementary school graduation celebrations and gifts.


  • 5th grade dance with a DJ and snacks

  • Graduation ceremony followed by barbecue

  • "Congratulations, Graduate" yard signs

  • Ceremony followed by movie with photos and video of students

  • End-of-year awards and certificates ceremony

  • All-day picnic

  • Off-site party with DJ, photo booth, and face-painting

  • A day at a local park with team games and snacks

  • Yearbook signing

  • Student versus teacher outdoor volleyball tournament

  • Pool party with snacks

  • Boat cruise

  • Bagel breakfast at school

  • Slideshow of baby pictures featuring the graduates

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Elementary School Graduation Gifts

  • Class memory book

  • T-shirt printed with names of each graduate

  • Build-your-own-mascot kit

  • T-shirt designed by a student

  • Plain T-shirt signed by fellow students

  • Class photo

  • Backpack with middle school logo

  • Free yearbook

  • Tote bag and beach towel

  • DVD with photos and video of students

  • Spiritwear item from middle school they will attend

Originally posted in 2014 and updated regularly.