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Year in Review PTO and PTA Canva Template

A "year in review" graphic is a great visual that shows parents how much your group raised over the course of the year and how funds were (or will be) used.

by Kerri Beauchesne


More often than not, parents don't realize everything your school parent group does (hint: it's a lot), why fundraising is important, or where their donations even go. Being transparent about your school fundraising efforts is a great way to help parents easily understand your group's mission. After all, the more parents understand your group's "why", the more they are likely to support everything your group does! 

Originally shared in our private Facebook group community for leaders, Prairie Trail Elementary PTA created this Canva template to show families how much their PTA was able to raise over the course of the school year, how they raised it, and what those funds supported at the school. The PTA shared this graphic on their Facebook and Instagram accounts the last week of school and plan to include a flyer version in their PTA welcome packet that gets sent home to families at back-to-school. Your group can use this free Canva template below, too - simply edit the file to tell the story of your group's year in review. Thank you to Prairie Trail Elementary PTA for allowing us to share this amazing resource with the PTO Today community!


Year in Review PTO and PTA Canva Template



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