A Little PTO Promotion Can Go a Long Way

by Rose Hamilton



We’ve shared several suggestions recently about tasks you can do before school’s out. Ready for one more? Let your community know about your group’s accomplishments this year. 

We know some of you are rolling your eyes right now. For you, the idea of promoting your group’s achievements seems boastful. You are so good-hearted and focused on helping your schools that broadcasting it seems counter to what you do. 

But trust us; it should be a core part of your job. Think of it this way: If people don’t know about your group and all the good work you do, how can they support you? 

The more you promote your group, the more likely you are to get volunteers and community support. And now is a great time to start. Put together two lists, one that includes all the activities, events, and programs your group ran this year, and the other that shows how fundraising dollars were spent. 

Publish the lists in the year-end newsletter, on your website, and on your social channels. Make sure to add a thank-you to your community for its help and support throughout the year. 

Not only will parents and community members appreciate your group’s accomplishments; most likely you’ll also encourage folks who have not been involved to take another look at your group. People like being part of something that’s successful, getting things done, and moving forward.

But don’t stop here! When you put together you welcome letter for the 2015-16 school year, include a summary of all your recent accomplishments. Also, make a plan to do monthly updates next year to keep parents informed about your group’s work. Facebook and Instagram are great tools for this because you can quickly post event and activity photos to share with your community. 

And on the subject of your group’s achievements, here’s one last suggestion: Enter our Parent Group of the Year search! You’ll have to hurry—the deadline is June 1. But let us know about your group’s accomplishments (you’ve already made the list, right?) and you could receive a cash prize. Our top Parent Group of the Year award is $3,000, and we have several $500 awards. You can find the entry form on our Parent Group of the Year page. 

And we promise, once you start tooting your own horn, it will get easier! 

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