Keep Calm and PTO On

Serving as a leader of a volunteer organization can be stressful. These tips can help you keep calm and carry on with your important work.


Take care of yourself

Take care of yourself so you don't burn out.


Ask for help—and cancel if needed

If you're short on volunteers, ask around. (And don't be afraid to back out if you have to.)


Make time to connect

Find a way to connect with other parent leaders in your support network.


It's OK to keep it simple

Events and activities don't always have to be elaborate. Sometimes simple works best.


Focus on what's important

Try to save your time and energy for important group goals.



Make time a few days a week to really relax.


Avoid micromanaging

Delegate when you can, and avoid micromanaging your volunteers.


It's OK to say no

If you're already overcommitted, don't stretch yourself too thin.


Create time-savers

Save time by creating templates for common tasks.

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