Celebrate With a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Ideas for organizing a breakfast to show teachers you care during Teacher Appreciation Week or any time of year.

by Elizabeth S. Leaver


Breakfasts are a favorite way for parent groups to express their thanks during Teacher Appreciation Week and other times of the year. They’re easy to organize and generally not expensive, and can be as simple or as elaborate as a group likes. And teachers love the feeling of arriving at school to a nice, and thoughtful, meal or breakfast treat.

Here are some ideas (plus tips) for four teacher appreciation breakfast celebrations ranging from super simple to “the works.”

Breakfast on the Go


Put a muffin, scone, or other baked breakfast treat and a piece of fruit in a paper lunch bag decorated with a cheery ribbon. Have a volunteer hand these “to go” bags to teachers as they arrive at school for a quick breakfast or midmorning snack.

Tip: Keep costs down by asking parents to donate baked goods and fruit. And amp up the cute factor by asking children to decorate the paper bags.

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Breakfast Potluck

A potluck requires some effort (and plenty of help), but it’s a cost-effective way to be indulgent. Depending on the size of your school and the desired scope of the event, you could put out a general call for donations, or you could vary your requests by grade level—for example, kindergarten parents donate muffins or breads; grade 1 parents donate egg dishes; and so on. If you’re concerned about receiving too many donations, consider asking room parents to handle the details.

Tip: Slow cookers and hot plates are great for keeping food warm, so ask people to loan theirs out for a few hours.

Download Teacher Appreciation Breakfast Potluck Flyer


Coffee (and Doughnut) Break

Make teachers’ morning coffee break special by providing carafes of different kinds of coffee and condiments (milk, cream, sugar, etc.). You can make it even sweeter, in all senses, by picking up a few dozen doughnuts and affixing this cute doughnut tag for teachers to them.

Tip: Make the event more inclusive by providing tea and bottled water for the non-coffee-drinkers and fresh fruit for those who’d rather not have a doughnut.

Download Doughnut Gift Tags


Catered Affair

Claudio Beduschi/Thinkstock

While more expensive than other breakfasts, a catered breakfast can be a nice option if you’re looking to create an event with some pizzazz or you’ve traditionally held a catered luncheon and want to do something different. Look around for a restaurant or catering company that will offer a discount for promoting their business in your communications and on social media.

Tip: Personalize the event by decorating the room in a theme. Brainstorm for an idea that represents your school, or borrow one from our list of fun themes for teacher appreciation luncheons.

Originally posted in 2016 and updated regularly

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