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6 Keys to Middle School Involvement


Parent involvement in middle school is different, but still important. Here's how to make the most of it.


Manage Your Expectations

Middle school is a phase of life unto itself. Recognize that it’s a different time, and adjust your expectations of the involvement experience.

Enhance What’s in Place

Sometimes the best way to make a difference is to help make something better rather than to force a new idea or event. Work with the principal to identify those opportunities.

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Involve the Students

You’ll have better success when you include students in planning events and activities. Get input via a simple survey or by having a student representative on the PTO board.

Consider Maturity Differences

There’s a big difference between 6th and 8th graders. Your events will be more successful if you organize them separately with the respective grades’ interests in mind.

Plan Some Adult Bonding

The changes middle school brings can make it a challenging time for parents. Provide support by planning some low-key events just for grown-ups.

Appreciate Your Volunteers

Make it a point to let your volunteers know regularly that while their involvement is different in middle school, it’s no less valuable or appreciated.

Originally posted in 2017 and updated regularly.

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