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Middle School Survival Kits (Free Printable)

The perfect gift from your PTO for graduating elementary students? Middle school survival kits!

by Kerri Beauchesne


Have a fifth grade graduation in the works, or just want to send your graduating elementary school students off with a little something from your PTO to get them excited for middle school? Middle school survival kits are a great way to let families know your PTO is thinking of them as they take this exciting next step. Below, we round up 8 inexpensive items to include in a middle school survival kit from your PTO. Finish it off with our FREE middle school survival kit gift tag (free download available below). Seriously, how cute are these middle school survival kits below? 

Middle School Survival Kit Free Gift Tag

You can download our free editable middle school survival kit below. Customize the text to make it your own!



8 Middle School Survival Kit Supplies

Below are the items featured in the printable gift tag above:

Sunglasses (a reminder to always look on the bright side)

Smiley face laptop sticker (a reminder to always smile)

Lucky penny (a reminder that your thoughts are valuable)

Bendy pencil (a reminder to stay sharp and be flexible)

Starburst (a reminder to reach for the stars)

Mint gum (a reminder to keep your cool in sticky situations)

Eraser (a reminder that mistakes are proof that you’re learning)

Cookies (a reminder that you’re one smart cookie)


Here are some other items you could include in a middle school survival kit from your PTO:

Combination lock for locker

Spirit wear swag for their new middle school




Fidget (squishy or a stress ball)



Acne spot treatment


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