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6 Ways To Use Social Media Effectively


Easy tips for maximizing your parent group's social media presence.


Have a Plan

Posts on Facebook and other platforms are most effective when they’re part of an overall social media plan. Set up a schedule that includes a mix of content, and adjust it as needed.

Get Personal...

Regularly post shout-outs to parents. It’s an easy and effective way to express your appreciation for their contributions.

...But Not Too Personal

If you want to tag parents, do so in the comments section, not in the post itself. People use social media differently, and not everyone will want your posts on their timelines or profiles.

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Be a Resource

Post parenting tips and information about local events and resources. You’ll be helping parents and showing them that your group isn’t just about asking for support.

Inspire Them

In addition to informational posts, share funny or inspirational quotes—they’re shareable and help add variety to your content.

Go Live

Want to increase meeting participation? Try livestreaming your meetings with Facebook Live. It allows you to broadcast live to your Facebook audience right from your account.

Originally posted in 2017 and updated regularly.

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