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Thank-You Cards for School Volunteers

Show volunteers your appreciation with one of these sassy cards.


Your volunteers do extraordinary work; why should their thank-you cards be ordinary?
 You can download and print these cute and sassy note cards from our File Exchange.


Ouch! I’m so sorry about all those paper cuts you got sorting flyers. But thanks for hanging in there!


Thanks for counting box tops all night (and we mean all night!).


Thank you for trolling Pinterest endlessly for interesting ways to repurpose paper towel rolls.

Have you thanked your volunteers lately? We have 30+ tips and more to help you do it right

You’re so cheap—and that’s a good thing! Thank you for stretching our pennies to make sure every teacher is appreciated.


Anyone can cook pasta, but it takes a special kind of someone to cook it for 400 people. Thanks for that!


Thanks for making copies this morning even though it meant your toddler missed her naptime. (Sorry about that!)


Thanks for cleaning up after arts and crafts night (and sorry/not sorry about all the glitter you now have in your car and in your hair and everywhere else).


Thank you for working the concession stand, and for your patience with the little kids who are still learning to count money!

Originally posted in 2018 and updated regularly.

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