Funny School Volunteer Appreciation Awards (and Gift Ideas)

Funny School Volunteer Appreciation Awards

School volunteer appreciation gifts: All you need is a printer and a sense of humor.

by Kerri Beauchesne


Volunteering at school has its perks—like VIP parking (hey, you’re the first one to every event), an endless supply of tiny high fives, and local celebrity status (being recognized by other people’s kids in the your PJs). In fact, there are so many awesome perks to volunteering, we just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it!

National School Volunteer Appreciation Week is April 22-26, 2024, but end of year is also a great time to thank your board members and volunteers—and if they have a stellar sense of humor, well, you’ve come to the right place! We have 18 funny school volunteer awards (including a blank template) that you can share with your crew, along with a silly gag gift pairings. Bonus: They just might return for another year of fun!

All awards are editable, so you can customize with name, date, and your school logo.


The Tough Cookie Award

Shout out to all the troop cookie managers juggling cookie sales and a school fundraiser—did you even sleep last month? Gift pairing ideas: Circus animal cookies, cookie tin, Chaos Coordinator mug, "Always tired" laptop decal, tough cookie socks

The Ice Breaker Award

Because if a meeting doesn’t start with everyone’s latest Netflix binge, is it even a meeting? Gift pairing ideas: Ice Breakers mints, Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes book 

The High School Musical Award

This goes to the volunteer who’s still trying to figure out how to turn Hamilton into a school fundraiser theme. Gift pairing ideas: Mini portable microphone for phone, yodeling pickle pen, Hamilton Funko POP figure  

The Principal's BFF Award

It’s not just because they’re right next to the photocopier, either. Gift pairing idea: Superhero magnetic poetry kitApplause button, After School Snack tumbler

The Budgets Like a Boss Award

For the volunteer who can sense a clearance sale miles away—we salute you. Gift pairing idea: Gold chocolate coins, miniature shopping cart

The Number Cruncher Award

For the volunteer who loves a good spreadsheet—this one’s for you. Gift pairing idea: “Ohhhh, this calls for a spreadsheet” mug, "Crunching numbers is my cardio" pop socket


The (Robert's) Rule Follower Award

There’s always that one person who can bring it back. Gift pairing ideas: “Things I want to say in the meeting but can’t” notebook, talking yes & no buzzer buttons, "This is my meeting mug" mug

The Best Dressed Award

This is for the volunteer who’s up for anything, as long as it lifts school spirit! Gift pairing ideas: Waving inflatable desk tube guy, traffic cone hat, Beanie Boo (a small version of your mascot)

The Big Cheese Award

For the president who can’t stop, won’t stop. Gift pairing ideas: Cheezits (BIG), cheese stress cubecheese socks, 30 Second Dance Party button 

The Social Butterfly Award

Putting those people skills to work, from the pickup line to the playground—thank you! Gift pairing ideas: Wind-up chatter teeth, “I’m a volunteer coordinator, not a magician, but I can understand why you might be confused” mug

The But First, Coffee Award

That is coffee, right? Gift pairing ideas: “May contain pumpkin spice” coffee mug, Dunkin’ iced coffee flavored jelly beans

Get all 18 awards (including a blank template)! Download free awards bundle.



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