Walk It Out

Walk to School day is observed in October, but spring’s warming temps make it another good time to gather the school community for a walking event.

Pi Day

On March 14, hold a special event celebrating the number pi. Some schools mark the day with pies or pizzas, which can help reinforce fraction concepts.

Outdoor Movie Night

Get moviegoers into the spirit by inviting them to bring blankets or lawn chairs and asking kids to wear pajamas if they wish.

Fly a Kite

In April, celebrate Kite Month and Earth Day at the same time. Ask families to bring recycled materials to create a kite, and hold a kite launch from the school playground.

Drop Everything and Read

There are many ways to mark this special day on April 12, including holding a Family Reading Night, arranging an author visit, or organizing a book swap.

Picnic at the Park

It doesn’t get much simpler than asking families to bring their lunch, providing some drinks and treats, and setting up some simple games on a nice weekend afternoon.