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PTO Problem-Solver: Raise Your Group’s Status at School

PTO Problem-Solver: Raise Your Group’s Status at School

If you’re bringing the enthusiasm but still struggling to get admins, staff, and parents to take your PTO seriously, use these resources for tangible ways to build visibility, involvement, and stronger relationships.


Make your PTO more visible

How To Promote Your School Parent Group (and Why It Matters)
Get the word out at school about the great work you’re doing.

Marketing Must-Dos for PTOs and PTAs
Top ways to promote your group effectively within your school community, along with actionable steps for each one.

8 Marketing Tools Every Group Needs
Use these as the basics for raising awareness about your group.

Promote your parent group! 8 ways to educate your school community

Make involvement appealing to more parents

Building Parent Involvement, Step by Step
How to help parents transition from volunteers to leaders.

How To Prioritize PTO and PTA Involvement
Why parent involvement matters—and how your group can make it a priority.

Quiz: Rate Your Involvement IQ
See how your group's attitudes and practices for building parent involvement measure up.

30+ Easy Jobs for Volunteers
Offering volunteers a range of tasks that can be done simply increases your chances of getting them on board.

9 Simple Involvement Builders
Easy yet effective ways of getting more parents to pitch in.

Build a partnership with the principal and teachers

Improve Your Relationship With the Principal
12 tips from a former principal to create and foster a strong relationship with your school’s administrator.

How To Work With School Staff
Building good working relationships with school staff through open communication and mutual respect.

8 Ways To Help Your School
Principals told us the most important things PTOs and PTAs can do for their school.


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