Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Ideas That Work Right Now

Your parent volunteers have juggled a lot this year. From cozy socks to meal deliveries and more, we share ideas so you can thank them while staying safe.

Yes, You Can!

Online Voting Tips for PTOs and PTAs

Making your officer elections virtual can help keep business moving along even if you can’t meet in person. (And yes, it's legal!)

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How To Room Parent in 2020

Being a class parent this fall looks a little different, but there are still many worthwhile volunteer opportunities within the role. Check our sister site TeacherLists.com for ideas.

School Fundraising

13 Awesome Fundraising Ideas To Do During the Pandemic

Flamingo flocking? Mascot kits? Check out the top 13 fundraisers real PTO and PTA groups have found success with during the pandemic.

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The Parent Group Budgeting Process When Times Aren’t Normal

How to make a budget even when you have a lot of questions about what happens next.

New Free Planning Guide
Adapt PTO Work During Coronavirus Closures Guide

Adapt Your PTO Work During COVID-19

Our free guide walks you through moving forward with your parent group, even from a distance: Plan safe events and fundraisers, learn ways that volunteers can help even if they can’t get into schools, and much more.

How You Can Help

Social and Emotional Support at Back to School: How PTOs Can Help

When times are tough for everyone, your parent group can play a key role in helping support the school community.

Free Resources for Your Group

Free Guides To Make PTO Life Easier

We're committed to helping your group succeed during these times. Check out our free guides on fun runs, holiday shops, playgrounds, and more—many adapted to help you plan safe or virtual fundraisers.

Keep Up the STEM Learning

10 STEM Activities To Do at Home Using Household Items

Got some downtime with the kids? Here are 10 family-approved STEM activities to try, many using common household items.

Inspiration from leaders

PTO Pandemic Playlist

A leader-inspired playlist of songs to keep you going, make you laugh, or help you through a tough moment.

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Virtual Back-to-School Night Ideas

Ideas from leaders for distanced welcome back nights that will inspire your school community.

Elections, Virtual Meetings, and More

FAQs: Adapting Your PTO to a New Normal

How groups across the country are adjusting their PTO activities to current circumstances—and how you can, too.

How You Can Help

How PTOs and PTAs Have Responded to the Coronavirus Pandemic

Emergency school closings have upended school parent groups’ plans, but PTOs and PTAs are responding with creativity and compassion.

Showing the Love

Teacher Appreciation Goes Mainstream During School Closures

A look at how giving teachers the love they deserve has spread well beyond parent groups during this spring's school closures.

Lists for PreK-8

COVID-19 At-Home School Supply Lists

Half-used glue sticks and scrap paper will only get you so far in your at-home classrooms. Check out these supply lists by grade range from our sister site, TeacherLists.


Videoconferencing Tips for Your Virtual PTO Meeting

Meeting online to keep PTO business going during prolonged school closures? Try these tips to keep your virtual meetings going smoothly.

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PTO “Closed”? That's OK.

Struggling to continue school parent group business during the prolonged coronavirus school closures? You’re not alone—and we get it. Try our tips to avoid burnout and keep it together.

Teacher Appreciation 2021

Teacher Appreciation Ideas at a Distance

Big, in-person theme lunches are out. To-go meals and digital messages are in. Creative ways to thank teachers and staff this spring and all year long.

At-Home Learning They'll Love

Activities To Keep Kids Busy When Schools Close

Free science experiments, printables, media subscriptions, and exercise ideas—check out these fun indoor activities to supplement distance learning or to help entertain kids over Thanksgiving break.

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Reduce Your PTO Stress

Checking off to dos can sometimes help reduce stress. Scroll through this list for some PTO tasks you might be able to take care of from home.


In these times, staying connected is key. Join our PTO and PTA Leaders & Volunteers Facebook group and instantly chat, share, and connect with leaders like you.

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PTO Leaders: How To Use Facebook Live

If you haven't livestreamed your meetings, now's the time. Get our Facebook Live tips so you can broadcast events and meetings from home.

Healthy Habits

Coronavirus, Cold, Flu, and More: What PTOs Can Do

Help your school community deal with cold and flu season—and the spread COVID-19—with these practical tips.

Free Printable for Parents

14 Internet Slang Terms Parents Need To Know ASAP

With kids online more now than ever, your group can share this helpful list of need-to-know Internet slang terms with parents.

Parent Groups in the Community

10 Ways To Be a Community Resource

Try these community-building ideas like planning a service project and helping local businesses.


Disaster Relief: How School Parent Groups Can Help

We've compiled lists of national and international organizations, local aid groups, and simple ways parent groups can help after disasters like Hurricane Ian.

How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

How Good Are Your PTO Bylaws?

Having up-to-date bylaws on the books helps protect the long-term integrity of the group from the unpredictability of the future.


Passive Fundraising Ideas for School Parent Groups

Chances are your spring fundraiser's been canceled. Try these ideas to help bridge the gaps.