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When No One Steps Up To Lead

Tips for finding new leaders, even if folks aren’t stepping up.

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Keeping the PTO Momentum Going

Focus on a few important traits to help your parent group avoid stalling out in the middle of the year.


The Best Time Ever for PTOs

Today’s leaders have advantages that leave the “good old days” in the dust.

Volunteer Appreciation

A Culture of Volunteer Appreciation

Ensuring that your volunteers feel valued is the best way to keep them coming back. And it isn’t hard to do.

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The Myth of the Volunteer Trap

Even the best “tricks” to get parents involved will fail if working with your group is not a positive experience.

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Three Common Parent Group Challenges

Involvement mistakes many groups don’t even know they’re making, and how to fix them.

Video Series

Video: 8 Habits for Successful PTOs and PTAs

Expert advice and practical tips on how to run a successful PTO or PTA, in a nine-part video keynote by Tim.

Volunteers & Involvement

Do This First for a Successful PTO Year

What does a successful PTO year look like? Sometimes it actually involves doing less.

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For a Stronger Partnership, Think Like a Principal

To improve PTO-principal relations at your school, try seeing things from the principal’s point of view.

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Don't Spread Your Group Too Thin

The best way to increase success as a parent group is to be more selective about what you take on.

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Let’s Start a PTO Fight

Some lively discussion might be just the thing to reinvigorate your group’s momentum.

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Lessons Learned From 15 Years of PTO Today

We began as a way to help leaders, but what we’ve learned along the way has helped us, too.

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Advice for New Principals: Value Your PTO

If the leadership is changing at your school, take advantage of the opportunity to find a true partner.

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The PTO Spending Debate

Don't let short-sighted views on money hold back your parent group.