Question: Keeping records: Which ones, how long?

Where and for how long should our board keep its bylaws and financial records?

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Advice from PTO Today

Elly writes:

Elly recommends keeping board records in a binder on a shelf in your school’s office or library. Keeping a digital copy of these records on a computer disk is always a good thing, too.

Organizational records like your bylaws and articles of incorporation should be kept permanently. So should both board and general meeting minutes and agendas, and your treasurer’s year-end financial reports and statements. Tax-exemption documents, including IRS Form 1023 and your IRS determination letter, are also permanent records and are required by federal law to be held at your organization’s office. They must be made available for public inspection upon request. Typically, groups keep them at the school office.

Keep monthly treasurer’s reports for three years. Financial records like bank statements, check registers, and canceled checks should be kept for seven years, as should your annual Form 990 IRS return.

Get a printable pdf of these PTO record-retention rules from the File Exchange.

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