Question: “Sponsor” PTO at a new school?

I am the PTO president in a fairly small town. Our school is splitting because of growth issues and our parents are going to be split also. One parent has suggested that the current PTO “sponsor” the PTO at the new school with some startup money (not a huge amount, a few hundred dollars). Is there a precedent for this? Guidance would be great as this seems to be a touchy subject with parents who feel strongly about the topic on each side.

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Elly writes:

Elly has heard of many cases like yours where school populations are just bursting at the seams, causing some parent groups to split and some to start anew. When possible, PTO leaders have opted to donate seed money to get the new group up and running. The amount your PTO donates is up to your members. Decide on an amount that your current budget can support, then bring this item to a vote with your general membership. It’s a good idea for the new group to at least have its own EIN and checking account before you gift any funds. And be sure to pass along the resources and tools at PTO Today. We can help them get their new group off to a great start!

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