Question: hats for students

Our principal requested that the PTO purchase 510 hats @ $500 each for a special event. $2,550.00 could buy technology, gym equipment, festivals and socials. The shirts are for the children but is it wise to spend PTO money on just hats? How can we compromise?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Yes, this is when the art of compromise come into play. I agree that spending more than $2,500 for hats is a lot of money. Not sure what the special event is, but is there some way you could find either cheaper hats or other less expensive items? (t-shirts, etc.)? Tell the principal you appreciate how he wants to make this occasion special for the kids (so he or she doesn't get defensive) and offer a few less expensive alternatives (so the principal doesn't have to all the work of researching an alternative).  It could be that the principal just isn't aware that there are cheaper ways to do this. If the principal resists, definitely point out that $2,500 could go a long way towards buying other things for the school and students that will last a lot longer than hats.  God luck! 

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