Question: Suggestions for fundraising in low income areas

I am new member on an urban PTO in the city of Boston. Due to the large range of family income levels, we are struggling with how to handle fundraising events without alientating those famillies that cannot participate monetarily. Do any of you have experience with similar situations or have any good suggestions for raising money in schools where not every family can contribute? We don't want to leave anyone out... but need to raise money for school events.

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Jessica77 writes:
We have a similar problem in our school in southern NH. We are trying a Little Ceasars Pizza fundraiser to take place right before SuperBowl. Itr is our first year and we are hoping it is a success. They will come to a PTO meeting in adavnce and let you taste tes the product.

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sherryg writes:
I suggest using a fundraiser where the school gets a profit based on what the families already buy. Little Ceasars (as stated above) is one example and other pizza places have similar offers. If you have Lucky, Save Mart, or Food Maxx grocery stores in your area; look into their SHARES program. It's easy, free, and families don't need to spend any extra money (school gets 3% of purchases). There's also scrip that you could try. Good luck!

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camee34 writes:
Box Tops is a great, indirect way to earn money for your school. Alot of people use products that have box tops and they just cut them out and turn them in to a coordinator that you designate. Your school earns $0.10 for each box top. Check out the website for more information. Also, research if there are local companies that give a % of monies back to your school when you use a product. In Georgia, we have a gas company that gives $5.00/month to the school for each person that uses that particular company. All they have to do is register the school online. So there are ways to raise money without feeling as though your pressuring someone that may be going thru hardship.

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