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A brand new school was built in our area, it is taking 2 cities students and combining them into this 3rd school. At this time there is no senior class, but next year there will be. One way to raise funds for the class of 2011 so we can have a homecoming event, prom and etc, I would like to put on a fashion show. All of the money raised at this event will be split between these events to give them a jump start for the first graduating class of 2011.. We would like to have events that other schools enjoy. Can someone send me Sample Letters requesting merchant support for fashion show fundraiser? How do you approach clothing businesses in the community to help support our new school? Thank you

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The general format of a letter like that is to tell the merchant specifically what you're raising money for (ie will you be buying something for the school? funding field trips? etc.), describe the event, and then ask for the donation. Typically, with local merchants you'll need to make personal contact to show them your enthusiasm and close the deal. It's also important to let them know exactly what they get for their money. (Will you mention the sponsors at the event? List them in the program? Provide signage? etc.) We don't have a letter specifically on fashion shows, but here's one on auctions that will give you an idea of the basic format. Also, the story Make Local Businesses a Resource offers some good tips.

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