Question: Taking a break.

Can the principal of a school decide the school is going to "take a break" from the PTO/PTA?

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Advice from PTO Today

bblake writes:
It is basically the principal's school and (s)he is responsible for what goes on in it. Maybe the PTO/PTA board could request a meeting with the principal to determine what/why the change. See what (s)he feels the role of the PTO/PTA at the school should be and what the board feels they would like to accomplish. Maybe you can find a middle ground - still have meetings but no more fundraisers? Still have cultural events come into the school but no more field trips?

Community Advice

nikkiinoon writes:
I don't understand this answer. I don't believe a principal can dictate this. You don't even need a school to have a pta/pto.

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