Question: Using PTO Funds for personal

If you use PTO for personal and immediatly put it back in what do you to handle it.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Under no circumstances should you use money that belongs to the PTO for personal use. I know it sounds innocent -- you're short of cash so you borrow a few dollars from the PTO account to make a purchase. You'll pay it back when you get home or get to the bank or on pay day. I'm not making any statement on your intentions -- I'm sure they're perfectly innocent. But this is exactly how the vast majority of cases of theft from a PTO or PTA begin. They don't start with some criminal plotting how to get his hands on the money. They start because someone thinks there won't be any harm in borrowing a few dollars for personal use. Over time that person borrows more and more, and eventually he's in a situation where he can't possibly repay all the money. Bottom line, don't start a precedent. PTO money should be used for the PTO only.

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