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I chair the spirit night committee at my school and I am just trying to figure out how I can get more people out to them. We send fliers home and put out signs, etc. But what can I do to make it flashier?

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Advice from PTO Today

Patty C @ PTO Today writes:
Sometimes it just comes down to timing. If you're planning your spirit events on the same nights as let's say, the town's big football games, (or soccer, bball etc.) you'd obviously want to change the dates/times. It's always good to check your district's calendar and rule out conflicts ahead of time. Not sure what grades you’re trying to appeal to, but matching the right type of event with that audience is key, too. (Movie nights featuring G-rated pics are great for younger students, but won’t likely draw students in the upper grades and their families). Sending a survey to students could help you find out which activities (variety shows, a school play, a Guitar Hero playoff etc.) students would want to attend. Getting your principal and a few teachers (PE, for one!) involved in some (think crazy/creative) way with the event can help you boost excitement and attendance at the event, too. (Ideas: Our principal will wear his pajamas if we get 200 people to attend. Or, the class with the best turnout wins a pizza party/kickball game with the gym teacher). Here are a few standout events we’ve profiled in our mag to give you more ideas and inspiration for your spirit nights. Have fun!

Community Advice

mommynxs writes:
The spirit night at our middle school has become teen afternoon - it is held the last period of school until 4pm. We offer - dancing in the gym, guitar hero, cake walk, and picture opportunities in the cafeteria, video games, board games and painting or crafts in the library. We serve pizza and water - which we charge a nominal fee just to cover costs. Each teen event has a theme and decorations. It is very well attended because it starts during school - there is never any lack of parents wanting to volunteer - they seem to also enjoy the fun.

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