Question: Is a membership drive a fundraiser

I am new to the whole game of the PTO, so please bare with me. We had our monthly meeting last night and the question keep coming up if we have to have a membership drive and if we do is that considered a fundraiser. From what I can find in Tennessee the PTO can have three fundraisers a year without paying tax, so we have to limit what all we do if we don't wanna pay that, Last year we only made about 600.00 from that so let me know what you think!

Asked by momof3boys



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi 3boys - We've all been new to this PTO stuff at some time. I'm not expert on TN-specific regulations, but let me give you my best guesses from experience: 1. You definitely don't "have to" have a membership drive. As a PTO, that's up to your group; 2 If you do, that is typically not considered a fundraiser. (You'd want to check likely with your secreatry of state's office on that.) Most of the fundraising limitiations/sales tax exemptions have to do with fundraisers where you are selling products. Good luck! Tim

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