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We have no bylaws, but we have officers who run the PTO. However, these officers do not recruit or engage other fact if members voice their concerns there's always a dilemma. Do we vote for new officers to be replaced in the best interest of all the parents? Since we have no bylaws.......should that mean there's no organization in legal terms. They exists, use RR of order, but yet run the PTO effectively. What should we do?

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
If you're not happy with the direction of the PTO, then by all means vote for different officers. That's what elections are for. My question: Do the current leaders encourage volunteerism? Do they try to get parents connected to the school with family events? In other words, are they discouraging involvement on a broad level, or just running the business of the PTO in a closed manner? Both are negatives, but if they're really closing doors to people who just want to help out, it's time for new leadership. If they're building involvement, just not at the level of running group business, that's less of an issue.

Community Advice

maribel101 writes:
The leaders do not encourage volunteerism. They don't get new parent incorporated in their planning. Although activites are talked during general meetings, they do not try to engage us in the helping of it. They are running the PTO in a closed manner, because they do not send us minutes or call us to see if we members have anything to be added to the agenda and so fourth. We are discouraged by their lack of leardership and lack of ecouragement to get parents involved. If new members make suggestions or raise concerns, they immediately take it to the defensive. Some parents gave up and have not come back. We new members trying to re-engage them and give them hope that things will work out. However, if the same learders continue to lead this will never happen. We need new elections but their opinion is for us new parents to just listen and relax.......but yet no one has taken the time to mentor anyone for leadership roles. We will ask for elections!

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