Question: Increasing board numbers, who votes?

Our PTO has historically had 4-5 board members (Pres, VP, secretary (2), treasurer). In an effort to diversify our board members, we have decided to add a media coordinator, advocacy coordinator, and 4 at large members who would not be required to attend all board meetings. In the past only the 4-5 executive members had voting rights. At this point we are torn between keeping voting rights to the 4-5 executive members, or including the 6 new members. Keeping it to the executive board will allow decisions to happen quickly, and the plan would be to take sensitive issues to the larger group to hear opinions and thoughts before we would vote. On the flip side allowing all 10-11 members to vote could take longer, but could also allow for more direct input. I was hoping to hear some advice on which option is best for this type of group? Thank you.

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