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Hi, I'm looking for names of companies that other PTO parents have engaged with for products and the typical % return to the PTO. E.g. Company, Product(s), % of sale that goes back to the PTO Company XYZ, Giftwrap, 30% of fund collected. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Rockne writes:
Hey funkyblues - That could be a very long list and -- honestly -- I don't think it will be that helpful for you, because percentages can be easily changed and negotiated. Gift wrap isn't always 50%, for example, even from the same company. Your % take will vary based on many factors, and there are many times when you can actually make more money from a lower profit percentage. For an exaggerated example, let's say your selling gift wrap and let's further say that the fundraising company determines that it's costs are about $2 per roll. You could charge your parents $6 per roll with your school keeping 50% of that retail price. You'd make $3 per roll profit and the vendor would make $1 per roll profit. But if percentage was your all-important factor, you could charge $10 per roll and keep 70%. Then you'd make $7 per roll and your partner still $1. Sounds great, right? The trouble is that you're likely to sell waaay less paper at $10 per roll than at $7 per roll. There's a good chance that your net profit will be lower even though your percentage is higher. In this scenario, you'll run the real risk of alienating your parents (with bad value) to boot. Profit percentage can be tweaked/raised by skipping or going cheap on the prize program or using a cheaper brochure or even cheaper quality paper. But all those things play a role in your total sales dollars. My best advice is to find a great, trustworthy rep and lean on that rep a bit to help you find the best, most profitable balance between percentage and quality and pricepoint. I have a column with more on this here: Tim

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funkyblues writes:
Thank you Rockne. That was very helpful. Can you recommend any good vendors to work with?

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funkyblues writes:
Thanks Jodi! We'll be in-touch. Is there a good way to reach you directly?

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jodimhahn writes:
email at

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cford writes:
Hi Jodi - I am part of the Mom Sales Team for Kajeet - the cell phone service for kids. We have a fabulous fundraising opportunity available where you PTO can earn $50 for every phone sold/activated through a website set up for your school. There are no deliveries, returns or even a special board person to run the fundraiser. You just need to advertise the link and let people know to purchase through your special webpage. Kajeet runs off the Sprint PCS network with nationwide coverage, there are no contracts, plans start at just $4.99 and phones at just $25.00. To check out the website visit If you have any questions please email me at

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valerie72 writes:
I am a rep for SaveAround coupon books. These books sell for $20 and if you go through an agent you get $10 for each book sold. If you go through the company you get $8. These sell very good and actually pay for themself quickly. They are available in many areas. If you ant more information feel free to contact me at

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