Question: Tithing

Is anybody doing tithing (like the church collection plate)? Is it successful? Our school is Title 1 so parent involvement & fundraising are real challenges.

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
I've never heard of a parent group asking for tithing. It seems like an awful lot to ask, particularly at a school like yours where parents don't necessarily have a lot of disposable income. You might try surveying parents to see what they would support for a fundraiser. For example, maybe you could focus on practical items that people would buy anyway. Also, I'd recommend focusing on building parent involvement rather than fundraising, at least for now. There are many title 1 schools with great involvement -- it's definitely possible. The key is to look for simple ways to get parents connected to the school. As more parents participate at the school, they will feel more of a stake in what happens there. Ultimately, that will increase your fundraising.

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