Question: Fitness Night - planning kit request

How can I purchase a planning kit for Fitness Night? A coworker and myself have planned this event for a February 2010 parent/child/teacher night?

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Craig writes:
Unfortunately, we don't have a fitness night kit available this year. One good way to organize a fitness night is to divide kids into groups and have them rotate through a series of games. Or, depending on the size of your group, you can let kids choose the activities they prefer. Choose some fun games that will get kids active. A simple obstacle course using boxes to crawl through, Hula Hoops to hop through, and cones to run around works well. A limbo game, jump rope competition, and Hula Hoop station also make good fitness night activities. One of our favorite games is the Shoe Box Relay -- divide kids into two teams of three or four. The first member of each team puts his feet into two shoeboxes, then they race (shuffle) to a cone and back. The shoeboxes are passed to the next team member, and so forth. Another thing that groups have done successfully for a fitness night is to invite a dance instructor, martial arts teacher, etc. to give demonstrations and teach the kids some moves. There are lots of possibilities for fitness night --anything fun that gets kids active will work well. Good luck!

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