Question: does the princible run the pto

our proncible think she can run it with out a board is that possible and exclude parents that wont to

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Tracy Ann writes:
Not at our school. That's the whole basis of the PTO, Parent/Teacher Organization. Not Principal/Teacher organization

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milkbrain writes:
do you have bylaws? if so it prob says the president/chairperson is in charge. I have never herd of a pto where the principal thinks they can run it. the PTOs that I have been on, the principal participates, but by no means runs the group.

Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Should the principal run the PTO? No -- there should be some good independence and empowerment there. But 2 other questions make it more cloudy: 1. Have I seen PTOs where principals run things? Definitely yes. 2. Does there need to be strong collaboration between PTO and principaln so that goals are not at odds (and can principal even have veto power on some things)? Yes. So it comes down to finding a good balance. Good volunteers 9and lots of good results) go away if the principal juts wants control and rubber stamps. How can you help him or her see that? Tim

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