Question: How can a unfair bylaws clause be overturned?

I would like to know what steps, if any, parents can take to have a bylaws vote overturned. Is it okay to go the school board or start a petition? What we want to overturn the vote (made only by 13 people) that puts a geographical resricition on where parents and staff can live and still be apart of the PTO Board. Why can't they be involved and be a part of their child's school because of where they live??

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
The place to get a bylaw overturned is at the PTO meeting. You propose the bylaw change, second it, and have enough people on hand to vote it in. I'd suggest submitting the proposed bylaw change (deleting the new clause limiting participation by geography) in advance of the meeting. Otherwise, you might have to propose it at one meeting and vote on it at the next. Also, I'd suggest that you bring a copy of Robert's Rules with you just in case you need to remind the board that they are obligated to take motions from the floor and abide by a vote of the members. Good luck.

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