Question: Students/Selling Fundraiser authority

Does anyone have kids who attend a school where the kids are not allowed to participate in selling items for a fundraiser sponsored by the PTO? If so, who has the authority to determine whether these kids are allowed to sell or not sell?

Asked by fyrbug08



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jordan1 writes:
At my school we have stopped having kids sell just because we dislike kids going door to door. Instead we have candy sales every Friday after school and make everything $1.00 each. If you go to smart and final candy is around 40-65 cents a piece so you will usually double your profit. We also have to fundraiser nights a month like a resutraunt or skateland or whatever is in your area. We also had a movie night at school and sold concessions for a dollar. We have a popcorn machine, a snowcone machine and a cotton candy machine that make it easier to have cheap snacks that we can make a lot of profit from. The movie night was in our cafeteria. Our biggest money maker is our carnival. We spend anywhere from 3-4 thousand and make anywhere from between 3-4 thousand profit. The other thing you can try is having a craft fair at school or simply the fundraiser items themselves at school and parents can come buy them if they want. Good luck

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