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I am a first year president who has taken over a PTO which only had an acting president and a treasurer for two years. I found a VP and secectary who all excited to join. This year has been awful and I want to give up. Everyone has ideas and opinions but no one wants to actually step up and help. Now I cant even get them to come to meetings. I just cannot do this alone. Not sure if I should as them to step down or not. Maybe I cant, I dont know. Any advice would hep and be appreciated!!

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Well, for starters, there may be some comfort knowing that lots of parent group leaders have felt what your feeling. You might consider asking the board to meet offsite and talk about what you want to accomplish for the remainder of the year. We know this is difficult, but try not to be too overwhelmed by your job as president. You are volunteering, and doing the best you can. Consider asking the group about what they would like to do before the end of the year that would be fun. Yes, fun. That may sound odd when you are feeling so burdened, but, if you only see your current position as a burden and source of demands and stress, few are going to want to join you in that. Go back to square one -- you are in this to help the kids -- and focus on that. It might help and give you a bit of a boost.

There are always going to be challenges of recruiting volunteers, getting people to help.

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