Question: PTO Bank Account Access

Can the school principal be the official signor on PTO Bank accounts?

Asked by Anonymous



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Yes. A good financial safeguard is to require two signers on all checks. Groups that have that policy often make the principal a signer (along with the president and treasurer) because he/she can be found around the school most of the time. This policy also helps the principal keep up somewhat with what you're working on.

Community Advice

ksmart writes:
I was a president of a PTO and was dismissed of my position by the principal. He was lying to our parent group and was annoyed by our questioning the funds they wanted from pto. I was threatened to not stop paying the bills. And since I did not resigned. Just today our parent coordinator and the principal got our treasurer to sign our pto bank account to them without my notification. I was informed that my services were not needed and I also will not be able to be a part of the PTO next year. When I ask out PTO they say that they are taking it to a new direction.

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