Question: How do I deal with a not helpful principal?

This is my first year being our PTO pres. and in the past the school has had a VERY small PTO. This year I have over 20 parents on the board alone not to metion all the classroom volunteers we have. In other words we have a large PTO this year, that is very much involved in the school. The principle of our school is not very receptive to all of us. It's always like it's his way or the highway. At our last meeting the board decided not to do a Holiday Shop this year and when I told the principle he made it clear that it was going to happen. He refuses to give us a PTO work space in the school and does not like the idea of a B. board being put up for PTO. He will not give our PTO access to the PTO accounts without him signing off on everything that is spent even for copy paper. All of our checks have to be signed by 2 people, The treasurer, and the either the principle or myself but he will not put my name on the account so he has to sign all checks. But yet anytime we have to ask him to sign or for anything else he acts like we are a bother. PLEASE help!!

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a.morecraft writes:
he is not aloud to be on the accout or even one your pto bord it a confilct of intress. i would go to the school board were you are at and ask them what there by laws are on this .

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David.pate writes:
As an elementary principal myself, it sounds like this guy needs to be educated on several things. First, it is very difficult to get parents involved at most schools. He should be thrilled that such a large group wants to be involved. Secondly, as mentioned in the previous post, it is certainly a conflict of interest for him to be a signer of the checks for the PTO. He should be an active member of the PTO Board, but not on the checking account. Most principals that I know, including me, are much too busy to micromanage the PTO. It is a benefit to everyone when the principal and PTO work together. If everyone, including the principal, keeps in mind that it is all about the students, things will run smoothly. Good luck!

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