Question: Bylaws - do they need to be registered

Do a PTO's currrent bylaws need to be sent/registered anywhere? Also, can we put an addendum on our current bylaws?

Asked by jtuohy



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi Janice -- The IRS requires you to include you bylaws when you apply for 501c3 tax-exempt status (IRS form 1023). Other than that, you are only required to keep your bylaws on file at your main place of business (usually the school office). You can and should amend your bylaws from time to time. Bylaws aren't a fixed document -- they should change as your needs change. The amendment process should be spelled out in your bylaws. If it isn't, announce the proposed change at one meeting, then vote on it at the next meeting. That gives plenty of notice to anyone who would object to prepare their case. To pass an amendment or addendum, you need a quorum at the meeting and a two-thirds vote in favor.

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