Question: How to write a dissolution of PTA letter.

I recently became President of a PTA group that basically hasn't been an active PTA group in years. The current members have decided to switch to a PTO. we have our special meeting date set, now all that is left to do is write a written notice to the state PTA president I am not quite sure how to do this and would like some help.

Asked by QishaPringle



Advice from PTO Today

Rockne writes:
Hi Qisha - One thought first: if you're group has been truly inactive, then have you paid dues to state PTA and had officers, etc.? If no, your PTA is basically defunct anyway. I wouldn't re-start that PTA just to disband it. Rather, I'd just leave it defunct and start a PTO. If you have been somewhat active or if you have paid dues and you want to stop, then the letter is best done very simply. A couple of sentences tops. A letter like that is not a place where you want to get into lots of reasons or your future plans. Something like: "As per PTA bylaws, we are writing to inform you of our intent to hold a dissolution vote on XYZ date. Any questions, please contact Mrs. XYZ. Kind regards, President XYZ" Or if you have disbanded: "We're writing to formally inform you that the XYZ PTA has disbanded. All assets and responsibilities of the PTA were taken care of before the group disbanded. Any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. XYZ. Best regards, Name." Something like that. Good luck, Tim

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