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Hello. Our school currently does not have any email distribution so we have decided to begin using PEX. However, our PFA president is concerned about the banner ads that appear in the emails that go out. I've explained that only certain ads are allowed. If we eventually upgrade to PTO Manager, with the banner ads still be in the emails send to parents? Thank you!

Asked by lornagonz



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi lomagonz, You were right in saying only certain ads are allowed. The banner ads in part help us to provide PEX as a free service. I'm borrowing straight from the product information here and you can pass this info along if it helps: "Parent Express Email (PEX) is a free newsletter service from School Family Media (the folks from PTO Today magazine and to help improve communication between school and home. PEX includes advertisements that allow School Family Media to make this service free to parent groups and schools. All of the ads in these emails are carefully reviewed and approved by School Family Media to be a fit for involved school families. In no instance will advertising or advertising images for alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, or obscene, pornographic or illegal materials be accepted. All of our partner brands are committed to helping parents help their children succeed at home and at school.'' Regarding your question on PTO Manager's email, there are no banner ads in the email component. Also, if you did upgrade to PTO Manager and wanted more sophisticated email, Manager and PEX can be integrated. Hope this helps!

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