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Help! Anytime I try to visit with our principal about an issue related to something happening at school he gets angry, talks over me and is trying to be VERY imtimidating. This is the second time I have visited with him this year about an ongoing issue and he screamed at me today that parents keep trying to blame the school for these problems and should be taking care of these problems ourselves. I have heard he has screaming matches with kids in the lunch room and other teachers. There is no professionalism here whatsoever. I'm sure his imtimidation tactics make people go away -- which is what I wanted to do today. Suggestions please. We live in a very small town and I'm not sure the school board would be any help!

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bblake writes:
It is unprofessional of him to react by screaming at anyone, adult or child. However, maybe you want to try again and begin by trying not to put him on the defensive immediately. Or have you tried to approach a head teacher to see if maybe (s)he may be of help with the issue at hand? If that doesn't work, is there a superintendant that you can approach?

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Madm chair writes:
Yes they think because of all their degress and such we have nothing to saw or if we do we are just ranting. I dealt with a person like that and now that eveyone else saw how he treated me and other staff and parents, he knew it was time to move on. Now that he is gone we all feel much at easy not walking on eggshells. I have to say that if you don't find anyone to help contact his bosses. It really works.

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PTO Pres writes:
I would go to the Superintendant and complain. I'm surprised nobody has done so if he treats others this way. Do you have a SRO in your district. It is a ploice officer. If you do, talk to them.

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timedue023 writes:
Your need to go to the Board of Ed and file a formal compalint! his behavior is unacceptable and he should be FIRED ! he has not authority to yell at children ! don't let him intimidate you!

Community Advice writes:
NO!!! If it was me (and I get over-passoniate) would record on cell phone and take to school board meeting!! He is taking away everything we want our kids to me!! Please keep me posted-concerned

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