Question: More help from other parents

Next month we have elections. As of right now the PTO has stated that unless we have more parent involvement the PTO will be done. How can someone new coming into the President position take on this role and be successful at getting parents more involved in the PTO?

Asked by katraymond



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You can do it. Lots of parent groups start from close to zero and create great parent involvement. The article 7 Steps To Grow Involvement is a good place to start. You'll also find lots more information on our Parent Involvement page. A lot of times the problem is in the approach. The vast majority of people aren't going to go from no involvement to vice president or committee chair. You have to walk them up the involvement ladder -- first (the first rung) give them a positive introduction to your parent group and the school by sponsoring family events that they can attend and enjoy. Next (the second rung), ask them directly and specifically to fill small volunteer roles, ie "We really need someone to take tickets at the spaghetti supper from 6-7. Would you help?" People who have a positive experience as volunteers are more likely to do it again. Over time, they'll take on larger roles (rung 3) like organizing the spaghetti supper. And the rung 3 people are the most likely to take that next step and become officers. You might also benefit from running a volunteer pledge program where people volunteer to contribute 2 hours of their time. The pledge program makes it easy for people to have a positive volunteer experience without worrying about being sucked into a never-ending time commitment.

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