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How do you share fundraising time with your schools ASB?

Asked by laconeja



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Rockne writes:
Hi lacone - What's ASB? Tim

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laconeja writes:
Associated Student Body. They just started one at our school and they want to do there own fundraising twice a year.

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badpants writes:
Is that similar to Student Council? I think you've asked a great question and I'm sure there are tons of schools out there that have similar concerns. I know our school has to juggle between our parent group, the school admin and the athletic committee, not to mention the newly added 8th grade trip. I truly think the key lies with communication. Once we all started communicating with each other then things became a lot smoother. All of the groups I mentioned fundraise and each have a specific goal or project, which is really helpful for parents. It makes it easier to prioritize. Also, each of the fundraisers are different, some are events that appeal to just about everyone, so attendance is always high. They are also timed through out the year, so parents don't feel bombarded. And they are all on different scales, some being very large and others much smaller.

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