Question: Opt-out option for families

Has anyone ever had an opt-out option for fundraisers? While we don't require that any student participate in any fundraiser, many parents feel pressured "to sell something else" this month/quarter/year. We also hear from so many who say they would rather just give the PTO money instead of buying "junk." We are considering offering an opt-out option at the beginning of the school year....basing the amount given on the average amount raised per student over the school year. If you have done this, has it been successful? Did you have requirements that it be done by the end of the first month of school?

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Jaimie writes:
We've been doing it for a couple of years with great success. We're a high school PSO and parents really appreciate the chance to just write a check. At this point, parents are either burned out or back to work and can't give time to help out.

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