Question: PTO President budget allocation

I am a new PTO President. Does a PTO President have a right to have a President budget for his/her term?

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Rockne writes:
Hi Anon - Could you please clarify what you mean by a "President's budget". not a term I've heard before. Tim

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mrcreolesp writes:
I was told by the past president, when funds are transferred to the new board a portion of the money is used for the President to operate with at his/her discretion. The remainder is for office supplies, student t-shirts, etc. Please advise.

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hammydee writes:
I could see where you have a small amount in your budget desiginated for PTO operating or miscellaneous expenses but the whole board should be aware of where this money is going and vote to approve any spending. I am our school's HSA President and I would not feel right spending any money by myself. I do not think our bylaws would support this either becasue we have to have two signers on any checks. For your own security, I would not have a "President's Budget" nor spend money by myself.

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mrcreolesp writes:
I appreciate the response and agree based on your explanantion.

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Radmomincali writes:
Any money that is raised should be for the benefit of the kids/school. The President should not have a "discretionary fund" that they can utilize for whatever purpose they deem necessary. All expenses and expenditures should be brought before the board and authorized.

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