Question: voting on pto money going out.

I am the current Secretary of our schools pto. This was the first year that I have been involved in the pto so it has been a learning experience for me. We have not voted on one single thing this year that we have done. The president says it and it just gets done. I am looking back now with that pit in the bottem of your stomach feeling that we should have at least voted on a general budget. Well now it is the end of the year and we have meet our goal. I would like to vote on spending thousands of dollars before we do it. (just to have it on record) What is normal procedure?

Asked by momof3pk



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CMay2CK writes:
Ask to see your bylaws. It should be clearly laid out. Our budget is set at the end of the year for the following school year, so perhaps yours is similar. Perhaps the voting for this year was done at the end of last year?

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momof3pk writes:
no. there was nothing like that done. I don't think there was any money used that shouldn't have been, but I do think that there should be others that get the chance to let their voice be heard.

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