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The Preschool I am at has an entirely new PTO Board. I was nominated Co-President. Two weeks into this summer all has gone awry. The Parent/teacher Liasion has totally taken over every aspect of our board. She has created an uncomfortable atmosphere by, in essence, being a bully. A week ago the other Co-President resigned due to this. Whatever email I send out, whether it be trying to set another meeting date or organize what needs to get done over the summer, she sends out a revised version of my letter. Feeling I will never be respected as a Co-President I recently(sadley) resigned. I am so sad to not be on the board anymore. Would there have been a way to remove her from the board? Seeing that I never got to act as Co-President, can someone please tell me what my responsibilities would have been. Now our Treasurer may resign due to her also. Something needs to be done but what? And is there any way for me to rescind my resignation? HELP!

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Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
You didn't specify, but I'm assuming the parent/teacher liaison is a teacher. If the situation is bad enough that all of the board is resigning, your recourse is to go to the principal and explain the situation. Make sure you document the specifics of what is going on. Set out your case against the liaison in an orderly and unemotional way. Point out that the school's most dedicated parent supporters are being alienated. If he truly wants parent involvement, he'll appoint a new liaison -- or let you go on without a liaison. If you run into a situation like this again, keep in mind that there is strength in numbers. A bully needs a victim, and she seems to be picking you off one by one. Your recourse is to unite as a board in your opposition to her. The presidents and the rest of the board set the rules, not the teacher liaison. Let her know in no uncertain terms you're in charge. In a situation like this you won't get anywhere trying to be nice. You have to be tough. Good luck, and please let us know how things go.

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flawoman writes:
We have a a principal and all board members changing the atmosphere of our school with tauting other parents and have became a click at our school. Gossip and neggetivity. Its there any way to vote off the the board members without the princpical intervining? We have a great school and these ladies are tearing it down, several parents have left do to this problem

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