Question: I can't find a copy of our Bylaws

I have been unable to locate a copy of our school PTO's Bylaws. The organization has been in existance since 2002 and from past minutes I can tell that Bylaws were written, but I am unable to locate a copy. I don't know if they are lost or a past member has taken them. Where so we go from here?

Asked by Kathi515



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Unfortunately, if you can't find them you probably have to start over. If your group is incorporated, you can get a copy of your articles of incorporation from the state corporations office. That document will contain a lot of the basic language of your bylaws, but it won't be as detailed. You might start by quizzing older or past members on what they remember about the bylaws, to give you a starting point. The article How To Write PTO Bylaws offers tips and links to sample bylaws in the File Exchange. Good luck!

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