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Our school newsletter is in need of some work. We are willing to invest in a program to help make the creation easier for our publisher. We want a prgram that will allow us to create files we can let parents accress through a link on the district website. What program does your school use to create their newsletter?

Asked by mack0705



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Warhorse Creative writes:
Hi Mack0705, It seems like you school is looking more towards a hosted solution of files than a email newsletter, nevertheless, here are some things for both of those. Many schools that I know of use the following for email newsletters: As far as using a program/solution to host files where you can place links and people can download via clicking the link, i would recommend using Dropbox ( They have whats called a "Public Folder". Here is how you use it: Hope this lengthly answer helps :)

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blafoley writes:
Mack0705, we use MJS Software. It does exactly what you're looking for and is much less expensive in the long run than the others mentioned. At least that's what we found. Our biggest issue was that our PTO was using various tools for everything (event planning, volunteer management, directory making, etc.) and we all ended up with different contact lists. This solved our problems - in fact, I think our school admin now uses it for contact info because their own system is so out of date. I hope it helps.

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