Question: how to limit access to PTO supply closet

The key to our supply closet is located in the main office, the problem is teachers are helping themselves to the key and supplies. One of the schools faculty reps wife is a big problem. She isn't a board member and was actually removed from our angel tree board for not following rules etc . She is frequently in the closet with no good reason, who should have access besides the pto ex board ? I'm planning on doing a through inventory asap, and as new president want this issue to be resolved quickly. Thank you

Asked by newpres33



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
How about hanging a note in the supply closet that says (in a nice, friendly way) that the supplies were purchased with the generous donations of parents and are intended for PTO activities that support the children. You could have some teachers who honestly didn't know that. For the others, it will be a gentle reminder to stop "borrowing'' stuff.

Community Advice

newpres33 writes:
Thank you! Should this woman who's husband is a faculty advisor be allowed in the closet? She is not a board member, and I've never seen her at a meeting.

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