Question: Board Member with no children at the school

Is there some guideline addressing the question of a PTO board member who is an approved volunteer but not currently having children at the school?

Asked by kimack



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi kimack -- That's a bylaws question. Personally, I think it makes sense to welcome everyone who is willing to put in the time and effort to help the group. Board members are elected, so if your members don't think she is the right person for the job, they can elect someone else. However, some groups have bylaws the state that a board member must be a parent or guardian of a child in the school. Also, some groups limit membership to people with a child in the school. Neither way is right or wrong -- it's just a matter of how you want to organize your group. Either way, the answer is in your bylaws. Read them over to see what they say about members and board members. If you think they should be different, the answer is to adopt an amendment to add, change, or delete what's currently there.

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