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Hello I am a parent volunteer at our local school. Recently our P.T.O. gave each volunteer a gift card for a $40 gift card during volunteers appreciation at our school. That is everyone but me. The volunteers were asked not to let me know about the gift cards because the p.t.o. did not feel that I had not helped enough thru out the year to diverse one. Even though I personally organized several major events at the school. Last one just recently, I put together a group of parent that collected and distributed clothing for our low income families at the school. They have known since last year that I am disabled and unable to lift anything over 10. Can you tell me where it says that they have the right to make such a judgment. pounds.

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Rose H writes:
It doesn't say anywhere that anyone should be treated that way. You are right. I'm wondering, though, is there any chance this was an oversight and what you heard from other volunteers wasn't accurate? That is perhaps a long shot, but worth thinking about. While something like this of course hurts feelings, my thought is the best any of us can do is dig down deep for strength and remind ourselves that we are involved in our PTO to help the kids. Otherwise, politics and hurt feelings will end up obscuring all that is good about what we do. Don't give up. Keep working on behalf of the kids.

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