Question: PTO Fees

Since we are a PTO is it ok to have a membership fee of $10.00? I have noticed that some say membership is free and there are no dues. Then some schools say to join the PTO the yearly dues are $10.00. Which one is it?

Asked by ms dee



Advice from PTO Today

Craig writes:
Hi ms dee -- A great thing about being a PTO means that you're free to set your own rules, including how much dues to charge (or whether to charge at all). We recommend that you charge no dues, to send a message that the PTO is for all parents--not just for those who can come up with the cash. In the end, groups that focus first on building parent involvement raise more money than groups that concentrate primarily on raising money. But lots of groups do charge dues, and it's one way to raise some money early in the year to boost your cash flow. As far as what groups charge, $10 isn't out of line. But you should consider your own school community and what people can afford.

Community Advice

newpres33 writes:
We do a 10.00 membership free, and in exchange we purchase a membership gift with a small portion of the money. This year we decided to do a personalized clipboard with important points of contact for the school printed on it. It's a way to encourage people sign up.

Community Advice

fluris113 writes:
We do a 10.00 membership fee. I would really think about your community and whether or not they can afford it. I also make it easier for them by collecting using because so many people don't even carry cash anymore. You just create the collection for dues, send the link to parents or staff, and then the money is sent to your bank account in about 2 days.

It's also great because there are no fees for the PTO. They do have a small payment processing fee (paid by the parent and its only .89 for a 10.00 dues payment). Then they take a portion of their processing fee and donate it to education! I know they just donated to a PTO in NJ!

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